Just a guy with something to say… and something to show. I am an avid photographer, although I would dare not say a professional. I did run a small photography business several years ago but that was then and this is now.

I have a professional career and I am a negotiator for one of the largest and most powerful public sector unions in all of Canada. I lean-to the left and I love to fight for working people and their families. I am a firm believer that strong communities are based on good solid paying jobs. The time has come to draw a line in the sand.

I hope to offer you something interesting with a few insights into my everyday life. I will write about my everyday, my thoughts, my opinions (right or wrong) and well as the title says…This, That and whatever else I can think of.  My blog has been an evolution since it started. It has gone from talking about whatever to mostly becoming a blog of my Photography. So in short, the ‘This, That and whatever else I can think of” will be a bit of a ‘photomicrography’ of my world except the image in this case is my life, my world and well, how I see it through my lens rather then the microscope.

About me? My wife and I travel often and when ever possible. We have been very fortunate in that way.  I will talk about some of those destinations as well and perhaps even do some live blogging along the way.


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    1. Thanks… I am glad I found your site as well…. Curious how much does that smugmug site cost you for the pro version? If you dont mind me asking of course….

      1. Not at all! Any time!

        Dude you have NO idea! Ugh! I knew nothing about CSS and HTML, but I knew I wanted my site not to be standard. Over the past 3 yrs I have added changes to it when I realized what I wanted. Smugmug has a great forum – Dgrin where you can get TONS of customizing info. You can ask questions and they almost give you the code to put in. And if they don’t – if you ask enough, they’ll give it to you. I’d love to change my logo, but am not artistic at all in that regard. I am getting a LITTLE better at HTML, but still am lost when it comes to CSS coding. Smugmug actually has HELP pages about customization and they walk you through a lot. I suggest to read and look for answers first if you decide to take the plunge. The forum is great, but this one lady Denise can get snotty sometimes! 😛

        Keep me posted. I’d love to see your site whenever you get one!

    1. Thanks very much Arnel and I do really appreciate the gesture however I have a policy that I don’t bother to respond to these awards on WordPress. I equate them in many ways to that of a chain letter. I do appreciate the acknowledgment and thanks.

  1. Sayvan, thank you for stopping and following my blog today. Similar to yourself, my blog has evolved into something quite different than I expected. It is that creative element and sense of mystery that fuel the journey to date. We love traveling and I look forward to your images as I follow and travel with your blog.

    Take care,


  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting and liking my Word of the Week Challenge entry – Clouds! Your support is appreciated! Your blog looks interesting and I look forward to checking out more of it throughout the coming year.

  3. Nice blog and beautiful pics! keep up the good work!
    and thank you for sharing your experiences.
    Following you 🙂

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