The Green Bench 

Have you ever been to Vietnam? On our recent trip to Asia,  we spent a few days in Vietnam and its beauty is beyond words. Whether it be the jungles, the city or the coastal areas this is a place of wonder. It’s a place full of history, some of which is very recent and not so good. Nonetheless,  it is a country that will amaze you in so many ways. 

While visiting the historic site known as My Son we were engaged in the rich history of this site.  This area dates back to the 4th century. In its hey day over 70 temples stood tall, each with a story to tell from centuries past. Unfortunately, many of the temples located in this area were destroyed by US carpet bombing during the Vietnam War. 

Today, I share with you a photo I snapped of two benches located under some trees. The benches were worn and covered in growth from all that was around. The area these sat in was not an area that you would find along the pathway where someone may have rested in the past. These benches were off the beaten track if you will, no where near the historic buildings that stood nearby. I have no idea how or why they were where they were. Yet there they were, full of their own stories of the past while Nature slowly claimed them back…. A history of their own waiting to be explored to whomever dared to seat upon them….



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