Happy New Year…Oh right that was a while ago…

Hey folks…. its been an extremely long time since I have visited this place and sat down to talk with you all. So how have you been?

I, if you wondered,  have been just fine… well except for the normal complaining about winter which is an annual tradition for me. If you have followed this blog at all over time,  you certainly know how I love the season of winter. Well, surprise.. that feeling hasn’t changed at all.  So what have I been up to? The answer is simple, finding ways to escape the wintry weather we have in Canada.

With that in mind, we did manage to find an incredible way to escape the wintry, frosty, slushy times of a Canadian winter.  We left the country for warmer climates. Just where did we go? The answer can be found in the exotic jungles of Asia!

In early January,  we left for Singapore. What a fabulous city! One of the cleanest countries I have ever experienced.  However, our search for warmer climates didn’t end there. After leaving Singapore we would next find ourselves in Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand and then some more time in Singapore.  If I was running out of inspiration for my blog,  that certainly has been put aside. Over the last two months,  we experienced a wondrous  experience and cultural shock really (in a good way) through the locations we visited. Vietnam was fabulous! Thailand was breathtaking and everywhere we went we were in awe. It truly is a big and beautiful world.

I will have more for ya over the next few weeks…but for now…  Can you guess where this is?




One thought on “Happy New Year…Oh right that was a while ago…

  1. Thanks to my husband who always claims that I never give him credit, I’m suggesting Thailand and a scene out of a James Bond movie.
    How have we gone?
    Welcome back to your blog and sorry about your Canadian Winter. I’ve been hooking up with another Canadian blogger who has been filling me in.
    I live in Sydney and we’ve been battling extreme heat and too much sun. I personally prefer Autumn and Spring. That said, it’s now dark when we wake up at 6.30AM and I’m feeling a bit cheating now the days are getting shorter. That wasn’t part of the deal with having some cooler weather.
    Take care and hope you have a great weekend.
    xx Rowena
    By the way, the photo is breathtaking. Such dramatic scenery!

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