The Engagement Shoot

Hey folks, it’s been awhile since I have posted. Lots going on and well truth is… I think I may be getting a bit lazy when it comes to this blog. I don’t just mean lazy in my posts either. I have been neglecting many of you and your wonderful blogs…. So much catching up to do. 

I don’t shoot a lot of weddings or engagement shoots and there are a number of reasons why, many of which I am not going to get into here and now.  One reason however,  is I am just not sure you can make enough money off the venture. I mean when you break it right down, a lot of time and effort goes into both. I don’t like to charge a huge amount for a wedding or an engagement session and I often will take my chances on some extra sales over and above the initial package a couple has chosen. Having said that, unless you do charge a huge amount for the adventure it seems that’s the only real way you end up making anything. I like to keep it reasonable. I am not looking to make a living off photography, yet I still want to receive, at the end of the day something reasonable for my time. After all I could have just said no, stayed on my deck and enjoyed as much tropical imagination as one can expect in the great white north (does that even make sense?). I also want to be affordable for young couples just starting out. It’s tough enough for the youth of today out there to try and make ends meet so they certainly don’t need some photo guy coming along and take them for all its worth…. Or do they? Hmmmm. 

I am expanding a bit. I have recently had some enquiries to help out some models set up their portfolios and also some folks who are looking to have some boudoir sessions and other types of sessions as well have made contact.  We shall see how that goes. An issue with this, is of course people looking for a trade or TFP (time for prints) rather then paying a fee for your service. With the digital age we live in, that’s not too difficult I suppose, but again time is time. 

Having rambled a bit, where I was going with all of this is that recently I shot a very fun and newly engaged couple. We will be shooting their wedding next year and so we all made our way to the Canadian National Exhibition a few weeks back to capture some engagement shots. The couple have a “Candy” theme for their big event and so they wanted a session at an amusement park. All in all, it went pretty well despite the crowds and activity that was all around us. 

Well… That’s it from me for now and here are a few of the shots from the day.  






One thought on “The Engagement Shoot

  1. Welcome back. I agree with what you say about being paid for your time. I do a lot of crochet and when I come to sell my items I take into consideration how much time I put into them, apart from the materials needed. It is only right and proper that you should be paid what you deserve, that’s not ripping people off.

    Good luck with the engagement and wedding photos.

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