A simple “Still Life” and some reflection

When it comes to my photography I usually stick with those typical, everybody does them, styles.. you know the travel shots, some portraits and well that’s pretty much it. I have experimented with HDR but I am not really a big fan however it is growing on me. A good black and white shot is always an interesting piece that often can bring out some strong emotions but again, I like my landscapes the most. I am always looking for ways to improve them and I think my eye is getting better. The problem for me really is creativity.

I have mentioned before how I am a huge fan of Instagram. I try to post each day and there are so many talented and creative photographers using that app. What’s interesting is that, I think , the media age we live in has really opened up a whole new way to find talented people. Forums such as Instagram prove that. However, there is a lot of garbage out there as well.  I mean how many “selfies” can one really take!

So where am I going with this? I mentioned awhile back that I wanted to expand my horizons when it comes to my photography. I want to expand what I shoot, how I shoot and who I shoot.  I want to try styles I have never tried before, play with different lighting set ups and shoot in a creative way that really does show my way. I want to work with people or models and find ways to make the light scape their bodies to create something that is not only pleasing to look at, but also tell a tasteful, yet rugged story. I want my photography to express exactly how I felt when I took the shot (if that makes any sense), or what the subject was trying to portray. Pleasing to ones eye but bringing out some true emotion. I want to take the kind of shots that will cause the viewer to ask some questions yet still understand and feel or hear what the subject is saying to them.

Last week, I needed to kill some time while Vanda was working. I decided to take a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. I can’t remember the last time I was there, I am sure it was when I was a kid.  So off I went,  off to explore some history, camera in hand. I don’t often shoot “still life” shots but I thought, lets expand a bit and see what we can find that may pique my interest and possible tell a story.

One of the areas I spent some time in was the Samuel European Gallery. This gallery was fascinating as it housed over 4600 objects that demonstrated the decorative styles and held other objects of arts from the middle ages to the 20th Century. The artifacts in this area were once held by folks who lived during the particular period of display. I always have had a fascination for history and that feeling one gets when standing near or on a place of historical significance. Likewise with the artifacts.

One display that peaked my interest was that of  European furnishings and table settings. Yeah, I hear ya, pretty boring huh.  Yet somehow it wasn’t! When I looked at the tea-cup below, which was from some well to do family around 1759, I imagined the woman of the house sipping her tea from this cup or maybe a group of people sitting around chatting, talking current events and enjoying some afternoon tea… who knows really but just the same the history in this cup and the times it was used could tell us many things about the period where it was once a cherished possession. I hope you enjoy my attempt at this still life!

Have a great weekend.



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