A St. Patricks Day Sunset

All around the world today people are painting the day in green. Whether its your clothes or your drinks everything is green… and of course why not after all its St. Patty Day! So I was thinking if I could choose how to spend this St. Patty’s day anyway I wanted how would I do it? I could hang out with the gang, I could hit the local pub and of course I could drink some green beer just like everyone else. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with those ideas and most likely I will probably do that… Ok I will do that … but then I started to think about what my ideal situation and location would be on this St. Patty’s Day of 2015 and well I decided the way I would like to spend it would not necessarily involve green but rather orange… What the what,  you say?

Yeah my ideal way to spend the day would be to be sitting on a beach, a green Margarita in my hand and of course this view out over the horizon…. (yeah that’s it… great intro for todays photo huh)!



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