Time to get away…..

Hey all.. its been a few days since my last post as I have had an extremely busy week travelling all across the Province I live in. The past week had started out with a stop in Hamilton, then off to Ottawa and then back east to Windsor with stops in between before returning home. All this work and travel has me thinking its time to take off again.. ok.. who is kidding who.. two weeks from now I will be sitting in Curaçao sipping a tropical beverage and enjoying those tropical sunsets…. Winter in Ontario, Canada sucks… I suppose it pretty much sucks everywhere… To get through it, one really does have to be in a tropical state of mind! Fins up people!

Hope these help keep you warm wherever you are… Have a great weekend!

P1070070 P1070067 DSC_0547-1


2 thoughts on “Time to get away…..

  1. You’re so right! This kind of picture reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Winter blues have really set in now and sometimes I find it very difficult to summon the will to get out of bed when it is so dark in the morning and then again by 5pm. I really think it gets worse every year. Thank you for the lovely photos. 🙂

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