Instagram and the week that was…

The holiday season is pretty busy in my neighborhood… so busy I almost forgot to give you the latest ranking on my Instagram account. So wasting no time, drum roll please… and a close week it was as well….

#7 – I expected this one to do a little better than it did. I am starting to wonder if the day of the week makes a difference when posting? Those of you who follow my blog know that Hawaii is my most favourite destination of any place I have ever been. This shot comes to us from the beautiful island of Oahu.

Photo 2013-10-28, 5 49 44 PM

#6 – With the grey dreary weather we have had lately I felt staying tropical on Instagram was the right thing to do. The #6 most popular  shot from last week was this one…

Photo 2014-12-17, 7 26 26 PM

#5 – Another shot I felt would do a little better was this sunset shot we set up. I love the golden colours on my golden girl…

Photo 2013-10-03, 9 42 31 AM

#4 – The next shot was taken on the black sands of Bora Bora.

Photo 2013-04-17, 2 39 36 PM

#3 – You know I can never resist a palm tree… Photo 2014-01-30, 10 15 48 AM

#2 – Our number 2 shot comes to you from the beautiful waters of the Caribbean… don’t ya wish you had your toes in these beautiful colours right now.. I sure do..

Photo 2014-01-27, 9 20 45 AM

#1 – This shot ranked the highest last week. It takes us back to the beautiful beaches of Maui. Yep once again, Hawaii stands out on my Instagram account… The drive along the adjacent highway to this beach as we wound around the mountains along the coast was simply …breathtaking…

Photo 2013-04-26, 3 57 57 PM


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