The Instagram week that was..last week!

Well here we are again, coming to you live with another installment of “The Instagram week that was” and what a week it was too! The shots I posted this week seemed to soar and I reached some of the highest “likes” I have ever received… Seems silly,  but it really is exciting…. I was also fortunate to add another 12 followers to my account, in the last 3 weeks that would be 35 new followers… cruising along nicely.. oh and thanks for following if you have started!

And now for the results… and as usual… we go from the least “likes” to the highest….


#7 – One of my favourite fruits this shot came from the wild fields of Moorea… this had the least amount of votes

Photo 2013-04-17, 2 49 13 PM

#5 – We had another tie this week. I usually wait for a few days before doing this post because people continue to “Like” your shots weeks after they have been posted so I wait to see if any particular one pulls ahead. You’ve seen this one before.

Photo 2014-09-06, 5 23 49 AM

#5 – and the other shot comes from the jungles of Bora Bora

Photo 2013-04-18, 2 27 59 PM

#4 – You all know how I love a beach, and the waves,  and all that comes with the beach atmosphere… Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen…. Welcome to Bondi!

Photo 2013-04-07, 9 06 34 PM

#3 – Now the competition starts to really get good. These next few shots received some of the highest “likes” in my Instagram experience thus far… I hope I can manage to keep the trend going! #3 comes to us from the wild and beautiful shores of Oahu, Hawaii! Not sure you would want to do any snorkelling in this spot!

Photo 2013-04-26, 3 27 28 PM

#2 – Have you ever been to a Black Sand Beach? Well this was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen… A black sand beach in Bora Bora… this was in a perfect little lagoon… very private and we had it all to ourselves! It may have even become clothing optional!

Photo 2013-04-17, 2 39 14 PM

#1 – The number 1 shot this week takes us back to the beautiful waters and shoreline of Maui. Words cannot really describe just how beautiful and untouched Hawaii is. A drive along the Honoapiilani Hwy, which takes you along the north coast of Maui, offers some of the most spectacular views you will ever see… guaranteed! This shot, was taken  from atop the highway while looking down to the Pacific Ocean and it came in as number one and also garnered some of the highest “like” I have ever received in all of my Instagram posts…

Photo 2013-04-24, 6 24 12 PM

Thanks for tuning in once again folks…


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