Soft and Hazy Black and White Pier

Lately, I have noticed that black and white photography seems to be on the rise. I don’t know that it ever really disappeared but it just seems that many photographers of all types today are moving more toward this type of shot. It would seem that black and white photography is making a come back.  I recall, and perhaps it still is, when HDR was all the rage. Yet, as I look on the internet or Facebook, I see a number of these new black and white challenges all over the place.

 I have never really thought much about the power of black and white photography but with all the hype lately my interest has been tweaked. I have researched this with a keen interest and well,  I am going to start playing around with black and white photography…..experiment if you will… So what exactly has tweaked my interest?

Well, having thought about this, I love the versatility. It seems to be a format that fits almost all types of photography. It also adapts well to all lighting conditions. It also can be incredibly dramatic and just seems to allow an image to speak for itself.

What’s also interesting about a black and white photo is that although it can seem boring, the tones can speak volumes. There are so many shades in-between each tone and the black and white shot allows for the challenge of trying to bring those tones out.

While doing my research on black and white photography, I came across the following quote that seemed to really sum up how I was starting to look at this medium…. “I find the creative process with black and white images is so… artistic. It’s like molding clay – you can shape it into a myriad of shapes. Black and White images can be strong, high contrast and powerful – or they can be so soft, gentle and subtle.”

I think you may start to see a bit more black and white photography from me over the next little while as I experiment with the my new-found interest….

Hope you have all had a good weekend… enjoy your week…




2 thoughts on “Soft and Hazy Black and White Pier

  1. I am a great fan of black and white photography and my husband, who teaches Photography to 15 and 16 year-olds, also teaches them how to develop them the old fashioned way. The school where we work is covered in their work and, to me, it has more artistic value and even more beauty than coloured photography. I think it is the feeling of mystery of times gone by. I look forward to seeing your creations in the future.

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