Another Instagram week that was

Welcome to our weekly review of how my week was on Instagram. Over all not so bad… its amazing how everyday you open your app to see how many “likes” you have on the picture you posted. A bit like we do each day in WordPress. Well I am still not reaching the stars in the number of likes I get but it’s getting better each day and week. I’m amazed how some folks end up with hundreds or even thousands of “likes” on the shots they post daily… It would be great to see that happen… how they do it I have no idea?… oh well.. I will just keep plugging along… sharing my  photographic view of my world. I did increase my followers by 28 last week… that’s a positive… such concerns I have in life huh..

Ok.. time to get to the reason you came to this page… drum roll please……..

Voted #7 this past week, is the this shot from Sydney, Australia and the landmark that we all associate with the Sydney Harbour, the Opera House.

Photo 2013-04-07, 1 45 08 AM

#6 –  I though this shot may do a bit better… I liked it. I caught this shot in Australia as well, Port Douglas. I put the caption ” Wow…that was a long swim…” on this one. I guess people just don’t get my humour yet not to mention the bikini… thought that would help as well!!

Photo 2013-04-01, 1 08 26 AM

#5 – This one comes to you from the beaches of Nassau. I took this one probably 5 years ago. It’s a favourite of mine for obvious reasons!

Photo 2008-04-01, 9 41 07 AM

#4 –  Beating the #5 shot by one vote (I knew I should have voted on the last one) is this shot from Surfers Paradise, Australia. These folks seem to be having some fun on the beach with some nice waves crashing behind them.

Photo 2013-04-04, 11 33 03 PM (1)

#2 – We have a tie for second place… could your vote break this tie?

Photo 2013-04-16, 9 28 50 PM

#2 – or maybe a vote for this one?

Photo 2013-04-16, 9 29 31 PM

#1 – The top shot this week won by a landslide. I am not sure what it is that attracts people to certain shots but for whatever reason this one was miles ahead of the rest… It is an interesting aspect of Instagram.. trying to find that “niche” or “style” that attracts likes and followers…Thanks for checking in with me again today… cheers all!

Photo 2013-03-31, 5 56 17 PM


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