The Guard – Vintage Style

I really don’t have much to say about this one tonight. Well, maybe a little but not that much. I took this shot on our recent visit London while we were on the tourist rounds near Buckingham Palace. This Queens Guard (now that could be a good future post about these guards..hmmm), was located just inside the compound leading to the front doors of the Palace. Of course, her majesty was not present on this day so we had no royal sightings at all. Nonetheless, it was still great to be standing where so much history has been made.

As for my photo today, I think I am trying to develop or rather discover my style. It’s a work in progress. I take many landscape shots and I do take a lot of people shots… I seem to be drawn towards a vintage look… when I process many of my portraits,  I often lean toward a vintage look.. I added a little light leak effect as well. It’s a simple shot really… but effective nonetheless I think… Have a great week everyone…



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