The Instagram Week That was…

Well it’s the time again to see what the 7 posts on my Instagram from last week were and how they ranked. Once again I was surprised at how they ranked… Some of these you may have seen before while others may be new for you… Well here we go

#7 – This one I thought would rank higher… It’s from Bora Bora


#6 – This was our home for over 30 days as we travelled from Australia across the South Pacific into Hawaii. It comes in tied with the next one at #6


#5 – Another shot from Moorea I really did think this would rank higher.


#4 – Perhaps I am just partial to beach scenes but I really like this one from St. Maarten which my followers only ranked in 4th place.


#3 – This one I am very happy about how it ranked… I shot this a couple of years ago near Hamilton, Ontario where you will find a wonderful series of waterfalls in so many untouched spots! Of course, it is also a picture of my very favourite person!


#2 – another shot from our recent adventure in Australia and a simple scene from Surfers Paradise… Yep, they actually have a city named this in the land down under.


#1 – Not surprised by this one… After all who wouldn’t love to vacation in a paradise like this…


So which one would you rank near the top?


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