The Instagram week that was… A tad late

Well… I can’t believe that once again I have been so tardy in getting my posts up and of course totally engaging you all with everything that I have been up to this past week.  Well the truth is… I haven’t been up to much, unless work.. shovelling snow and work and then shovelling more snow is what you’re interested in. Yeah … mid – November and we are already blanketed in snow.  I don’t even want to talk about it! Then again…. maybe I should do as my wonderful and beautiful wife suggests and simply embrace it… so did I mention I was working a lot lately… that’s because I need to jet set off somewhere tropical! yep… so much for embracing winter… I prefer my winters in some tropical paradise!

My oh my… How I digress yet again… so I need to get you all caught up on my Instagram week that was… the one from last week.. this week it’s still ongoing. It was a very good Instagram week as well. I have to admit the seven (7) days of shots on Instagram surprised me a bit on which would receive the most “like’s”. Lately, I been experimenting with HDR. Although I have a way to go to get it right,  my Instagram posts have been HDR shots. I must admit, I was never a fan of HDR. It just didn’t seem natural to me. However, I think my opinion is changing..slowly but it is… lets save that for another post!

Ok… drum roll… here we go.. The Instagram week that was! The shots are posted from the lowest “Likes” to the highest.

Coming in at #7 is this shot from Australia’s Gold Coast

Photo 2013-04-04, 11 36 06 PM

#6 – Last week we all remembered those who gave their lives for our freedoms… It was Remembrance Day. I thought this would come in higher but it took 6th place

Photo 2014-09-06, 12 56 24 PM

#5 – This shot was from our most recent trip which included Iceland… This was a very cool Volcanic crater.. its name Viti Crater.

Photo 2014-09-12, 2 45 45 PM

#4 – This one takes us back to Australia and Surfers Paradise. It just squeaked ahead of the shot from Iceland.

Photo 2013-04-04, 11 36 42 PM (1)

#3- We stayed in Australia for the #3 most popular photo on my Instagram account this week and this one comes to us from Australia’s Blue Mountains. I love the natural purples on the rocks…

Photo 2013-04-06, 9 01 07 PM

#2- This takes us to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and that is Tahiti’s island of Moorea

Photo 2013-04-17, 2 38 15 PM

#1 – The number one shot came in with the most “likes” by far!. In fact number two was a distant 12 likes behind. I was surprised that this one took the top spot to be honest. It didn’t seem like anything spectacular when I took it. I snapped this shot as we walked along the streets of Lerwick which is the Capitol of the Shetland Islands.  Thanks for tuning in…. Which one would you place a “like” on?

Photo 2014-09-10, 9 17 40 AM



2 thoughts on “The Instagram week that was… A tad late

  1. I’m with you – there’s no way anyone can convince me to embrace winter. Simply put, winter sucks!!! As for your instagram photos, I must say my favourite is the one from the Tower of London because we saw the poppies this summer too, and they really moved me. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how sometimes the photos that you think will be the most popular end up further down the list.

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