The Instagram week that was….

Go figure,  we all love to blog or read blogs.  I mean that’s why we are here right? For some of us, a blog is our little corner of the world that allows us to introduce others to well… our little corner of the world! Many folks use their blog to distribute little tidbits of information, they use it to share that little part of their life they are willing to let the world into. It’s a great piece of social media a blog is… know what I am saying?

I remember all those years ago when Twitter came to be. I was quick to jump in and I at first was well… Twitter crazy. I still tweet… feel free to follow me via the link on the blog page but I don’t follow as much as I did before…. my new passion now is Instagram. If you have paid any attention to my blog page you would know doubt have noticed my little Instagram feed along the right side of your page… the Instagram widget is alive and well…. oh and very active.

I have been “Instagraming” for just over a year. I love it. Lately, I have paid a lot of attention to this great piece of social media. It’s instant… one little snap away.  Over the last few weeks my followers have increased and they continue to grow each day! Oh and I am doing it the real way… not paying other apps to get me followers. Much like my blog, my Instagram account which you can check out on your laptop here, is a photography themed (no kidding pictures only of course) travel blog with a bit of other stuff from my daily routines thrown in (mostly drinking).

Why do I love this piece of social media so much? Well…. Instagram makes it so easy to create content. In my travels, one of the first things people always say is how much time they think it takes to work through all their vacation shots and then upload and share them (and they are right…takes a bit of time I might say).  Instagram  is easy.  It takes a minute or two. If you have trouble thinking of what to say when you do finally upload something with  Instagram, you aren’t writing (except maybe a caption) so even word-challenged people can create awesome content.

The content on Instagram goes way beyond the simple selfie. There are throngs of talented people out there and Instagram allows each of them to simply and beautifully share that talent. What I also love about Instagram is how the built-in filters allow you take a mundane, not so great shot and well… make it acceptable.  In an instant! Go figure.

Not only can you showcase your awesome photos, but Instagram is its own social media platform in that you can like or “heart” a photo as well as comment.  You can follow others and they can follow you, by adding Friends.  You build your Instagram account much the same way we build our blogs.

So, always looking for content for this blog I have decided to each week do a posting on “the instagram week that was”. I will share with you the top 7 posts of the previous week based on the number of “likes” or “hearts” I received.

Lastly, Instagram really is a lot of fun!

Here are the top 7… counted down from 7!

Cheers all… Happy Monday


Photo 2013-04-26, 6 29 11 PM


Photo 2014-09-15, 1 58 49 PM


Photo 2014-09-12, 12 09 22 PM


Photo 2014-09-05, 2 47 31 PM

#2 (we actually have a tie for 2nd place)

Photo 2010-04-18, 4 58 06 PM


Photo 2013-09-28, 6 07 07 PM

and the drum roll for my highest “like” getter of the past week…………


Photo 2014-10-04, 10 38 17 AM





6 thoughts on “The Instagram week that was….

  1. I like 6 best- can’t resist all that water. I’ve been wanting to try Instagram for a while but I have only just acquired a smart phone and it’s not yet active. I’ll be sure to follow you when I’m up and running. 🙂

    1. I do most of my “instagraming” on my iPad. It’s simple and easy to do. As for picture #6, that was from Iceland and I will be blogging down the road about our adventures there. The waterfalls were outstanding and breathtaking.

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