London’s Meantime Beer

Beer… it makes me a jolly good fellow…. or so the story goes.  I am a huge fan of beer. It has always been my drink of choice …well… since I decided to become a jolly good fellow that is!  Beer is a world unto its own. Beer also has a culture all to itself. Its the average persons drink. Everyone loves a beer (well most, I think) and for many its the common denominator when out at social event or when everyone gathers after work at the local pub. Yes, Beer is culture! I mean after all we celebrate beer for the whole month of October right? Oktoberfest… its all about the beer!

Beer is also history. It has a history all of its own. There is always a story behind some craft beer, where it came from? How it came to be? Did you know that the Egyptians paid their laborers in beer? True fact, look it up. Yes… Beer has always been a part of our worlds history. I even heard it was Jesus’ first choice before he decided to turn the water into wine (ok, I may have just made that up but hey you got to figure a guy with long hair liked his beer).   Did you know that Plato once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer” and how about Guiness… they advertise that there is over 250 years of brewing history… Yes… Beer is history

Beer is also that refreshing, cooling, soothing drink that will always take you where you want to be. As Zak Brown said, “I’ve got my toes in the water, ass in the sand not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand,  life is good today… life is good today!

Whenever we travel, my goal is to always locate a spot where I can sit and enjoy a beer that is local, with the locals. When in London,  I knew that the local pub is an event like no other and the English love to hit their local spot and discuss the days events in their lives. I found a great little pub just outside our hotel and it didn’t disappoint. We enjoyed some great pub fare and I enjoyed the great taste of London’s Meantime Lager.  Our first British pub experience did not disappoint.





2 thoughts on “London’s Meantime Beer

  1. Even though I generally don’t drink, I did share a pint of beer with a blogging friend that I me for the first time while in London, and thank goodness it was cold! I had heard that they often serve beer warm in the UK, and my beer has to be cold. While in Scotland, I got brave and tried some of their dark ale, but I must say it was absolutely disgusting LOL :). We had quite a few meals on our trip in local pubs, and they are wonderful.

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