Same Shot Different Looks

I will continue with my journey through the South Pacific with a shot I took in Moorea. I have mentioned in the past that this island is a true jungle paradise. We haven’t even made our way into the gorgeous waters that surround this beautiful place. As clear as pool water it was. That will come down the road I promise.

Whenever we travel we like to see those real locations. You know, those areas where the local folks live. In Moorea and Bora Bora, all we ever see is luxury hotels and beautiful beaches.  But within those areas are the realities of the island. In Moorea, many of the homes were metal or wood structures with tin roofs and for the most part not very large. In this shot you can see a couple of homes but again I digress from my original intent on this posting.

I took this shot as I felt it captured a bit of everything. The rich deep greens of the area, the mountains of Moorea in the background with a mix of Jungle thrown in. All in all, not a bad place to place your home…


I played around a bit with the same shot and started to wonder what this shot may look like had it been taken many years ago. Enter my time to experiment in Lightroom.  I love this program but I have to admit the more I learn and the more I develop my style with the camera I find my wish is to get it right before entering Lightroom. Of course, the effects available in the program can add to what you’re trying do… I guess you just need to find the right balance. In this case.. I think I found it…. Which do you like better? Same shot different looks….



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