Getting ready…almost

You may recall that I mentioned not too long ago that we were in the midst of planning a trip. Well the planning is pretty much done and all that is left is a few little things, some odds and ends and of course the packing. Although we prefer (or at least I do) to travel somewhere very tropical.. like in the selfie I took in the picture below in Moorea….


…. this time our trip will take us into Manchester, England then to London for a few days before we make our way to Bergen, Norway. Following a stay in Bergen we will make our way to Northern Scotland and the Shetland Islands before heading for 4 days to Iceland. Before returning home we will make our way back into Canada with a visit to Newfoundland and then head for New York City… all in all, we will be gone until the end of September. We leave on Thursday.  Hmmm wonder what shape the house will be in when we return with the kids in charge… I may have a few more posts before we leave and will try to do a few along the way but rest assured my camera is at the ready….

Happy Labour Day everyone and be sure and thank a unionized worker because it was their struggle and commitment that made this holiday possible not to mention advancing democracy, economic equality and social justice.  The struggle continues however….  See you on the travel pages!



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