Mountain Peaks of Moorea

Moorea has certain features that makes it unlike any other island I have ever visited.  One of the features that is so striking about this island is the jagged peaks and spires that give the island its unique look. Geologists speculate that thousands of years ago, the northern rim of the volcano either fell into the sea or was blown away by a volcanic explosion, leaving the heart-shaped island we find today (credit:

The south rim of the ancient volcano makes up the mountain range on Moorea.  At 3,959 ft., Tohiea is the highest pike. Others include Moua Puta (the mountain with a hole) at 2,722 ft., Rotui at 2,624 ft., and Moua Roa (Bali Hai from the film South Pacific) at 2,499 ft. Mt. Mouaroa is the mountain that is commonly referred to as the “shark’s tooth.” It is frequently depicted on post cards and is the image on one side of the 100 CFP coin. This unique geology forms two bays, Opunohu Bay on the west side of Mt. Rotui and Cook’s Bay on the east side. Moorea’s lagoon, along with Bora Bora’s, is one of the most beautiful in the Islands. It harbors 3 “motus” (small islands). In every direction you look,  you will find an incredible view of one Moorea’s mountain peaks.

Here are some of those views… more to come in another post.


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