Moorea…. a little more of the view

Wow… I know I said I was back but my absence remains as I still haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. The only excuse I can come up with this time is the simple fact its summer…. I hate to be indoors on the computer, when the weather is nice outside. After all, I live in Canada and we have to take the warm weather when we can. Speaking of warm and tropical…. I should really continue with our visit to Moorea and I promise I will.

With summers arrival,  I have been pretty busy and have taken a bunch of photos to share with you and I will, you can be assured of that.  I have done  some engagement sessions and shot a wedding recently. Those experience have me thinking about who I am or what I want to be as a photographer…Its interesting as we explore deeper into ourselves as photographers. Who are we, what do we like, do we have a unique style or are we looking to create a certain style? How do we want to expand our experiences with camera. For me, its an enjoyable hobby that offers the odd opportunity. Ah my,  once again I digress. I will save that discussion for another post down road… let’s get back to Moorea shall we?

Where were we last? Magic Mountain I think. Hard to believe over a year has passed since I was there.  In between we have been to the Caribbean and are in the process of planning a trip into England, Norway and Iceland.  Once again.. I seem to be drifting off…. maybe its just my way of giving you some foreplay or a little tease of things to come…. ok… Moorea… as I said earlier the views were spectacular from the magic mountain look out in all directions….







6 thoughts on “Moorea…. a little more of the view

    1. Lucky you…weather has sucked in Canada so far this summer.. in Ontario anyway. A few hot days then rain and cool…. not what I like at all!

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