I am Back… Sorry about the absence

Hello to all my loyal followers. It would seem that I have not been all that loyal to you of late. It has been well over a month since I last posted something and I have now corrected the little problem I was having and I am back. What was the problem? Well… it all started when I ran out of space for my media files. Over the last few years I have used up all the free storage that WordPress gave me. So thinking I had a solution, I started to reduce the size of all my files but that quickly became a tedious task (you have to do it one file at a time)  so I decided not the way to go. I then decided to simply upgrade my storage and poof…. I finally got around to doing that.

Now that I am back I need to get you caught up on everything we were doing! I think the last place I left everyone was in Moorea. So just to let you know I am back, I will give you another shot from Moorea…. We have been planning a new trip by the way…. on the horizon is England, France, Norway, Scotland and Iceland. We are also considering maybe adding Italy or Belgium to the trip as well…. that’s to be continued/planned ….  in the meantime…. how is this view of Magic Mountain!




5 thoughts on “I am Back… Sorry about the absence

  1. I did the same thing when I started on WordPress, and my storage was gone in no time. Now I resize all my photos before posting. Live and learn eh? Glad you’re back and love the view of Magic Mountain. It does look like a magical place. Your new trip plans sound great too. My hubby and I are heading to Paris, London, and Scotland at the beginning of August – first big trip ever for us :).

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