Magic Mountain Views… Pt. 1

Our Safari trek continued through the lush, green jungle of Moorea upward toward Magic Mountain. Now if you have never been to Moorea and want to get a feel for what I am talking about then I suggest you think about Jurassic Park.  In fact,  author James Michener’s who wrote the fictional book Bali Hai which was a book depicting paradise, writes, “peaks which can never be forgotten…the jagged saw-edges that look like the spines of a forgotten dinosaur”.  Moorea is basically a Volcano. One end of the island has the beautiful mountain range which protects the lush greens of the valley below which actually sit within the crater of the volcano…. all of this is surrounded by coral reef and a natural lagoon. Stunning….

So we were off to see some spectacular views from atop Magic Mountain, its real name being Mt. Routi. The journey up the mountain was wild to say the least. The road was incredibly narrow and at times all you could see was the overhang of the cliff you were on. I would say that the incline was 45 degrees at least at times…. glad the brakes were working on our 4WD vehicle. Enjoy some spectacular views…





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