Arriving in Moorea

Hey folks… sorry I have missed a few days… I know you were all just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my next entry on Moorea.  Its been busy lately around here and we are now in the midst of a Provincial Election. I do my best to get fully involved in politics. I know many hate it.  My theory is that men and women gave their lives  fighting for democracy and it would be disrespectful for me to not find a way to get involved when these times arrive. I cherish and take seriously my right to vote. In particular, this election here in Ontario is a significant one. We’ve a government that’s been filled with scandals and many want change. The problem is what will any change mean for our future. Change just for the sake of change is not necessarily the right thing to do, especially with one of the alternatives here in Ontario. The current government now has a new leader who seems to be offering a different approach to a certain degree, but is she really?  The bigger concern is the leading alternative, the current opposition leader and his tea party approach to the future. Tim Hudak and his Conservative Party must be stopped in this election. His far right-wing policies will destroy the very fabric of what we cherish and what we are in Ontario.  Yes we have issues that need to be addressed. However, this election will really be about whether we want quality, effective public services that forms the common wealth or do we want to sell everything to the highest bidder? Ok… I will leave the politics for now but between now and June 12 (election day) I will have more to say… but for now if you live in Ontario… please pay close attention to what the three political parties are saying. When you go to vote please make sure that your vote is an informed and educated one…. our children’s future. our aging society’s future, the health care and education systems that we value so very much as Canadians all depend on it….

Now back to Moorea…. After we anchored in Opunohu Bay we would be tendered to the Island. This tropical oasis boasts rugged mountain peaks, gloriously dense rainforests, pristine lagoons and pure white-sanded and black sanded beaches. The tender in to the island was simply breathtaking. Have a great day all… I have to get to the NHL playoffs now….






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