Papeete and other Pop Culture Facts

I took this shot along the shoreline of Papeete.  I gave it a bit of a vintage look when I processed this however, I do like the lines and how they seem to draw you to the curve in the rocks and point toward the island in the distance.  That island by the way, is Moorea…where we will be soon. This shot was actually taken at the Papeete waterfront park. The waterfront park provides a great space to simply stroll along the water’s edge and enjoy the views, some local culture and mingle if you wish with some of the locals who frequent the area with their families. If you strain your eyes and look to the far distance of the picture on the rocks you will see a group of students having their lunch in between classes.

Speaking of culture,  here are some interesting Pop Culture facts about Papeete:

Thank you Wikipedia for the facts above…. “Southern Cross” is one of my all time favourite songs as well and of course being a Jimmy Buffett fan he actually mentions Tahiti in a few of his songs…. “One Particular Harbour” is also about one of the French Polynesian Islands… Bora Bora… we will be there in the very near future as well and I have to tell you…stay tuned for those pictures because its …. well you will see….



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