Papeete, Tahiti

Five days at sea and finally land was off in the distance. We were all anxious to get off the ship for a bit and discover this new land. I can only imagine the feelings of the explorers so many centuries ago when they finally discovered land after months at sea. Five days prior we had left New Caledonia. Our journey into the middle of the Pacific Ocean however was a little more pleasant. We had whatever we desired, after all, we were floating across the ocean on a huge resort.

Yet despite the luxury we were experiencing, the site of land in the distance was something to really be excited about.


Papeete, Tahiti is the capital of French Polynesia. The city accounts for almost half of the island’s population. It’s temperature ranges from 27-30 c and seemed to be one large white sandy beach….  its lush landscape was so very green…


DSC_0012 (2)-3

DSC_0013 (2)-4

DSC_0016 (2)-6

DSC_0015 (2)-5



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