Snorkelling around Duck Island, New Caledonia

Over the last 3 weeks we had experienced some fabulous crystal clear waters as we had travelled around Australia and now spent some time on the South Pacific Island of New Caledonia. The waters here were just as nice, although as we headed toward Tahiti we would experience waters like I have never seen before. That my friends is for another post down the road…. probably in the next couple of days actually!

However, the waters around Duck Island were once again crystal clear and incredibly warm. We love to snorkel and we weren’t going to miss that opportunity here. What was interesting about the water around this tiny island was that it was full of coral and colourful fish but yet it was incredibly shallow. If you ventured out 20-30 feet from shore, you would still be able to stand if you wished. However, the problem with that was the coral…. if you were not careful you would easily crush all the coral and that would not only be unfortunate to the environment but also to your feet….

So … as we went snorkeling out into the water we quickly learned that simply floating was all you had to do. Oh and one other thing, this area has a number of sea snakes… creepy fellows that in fact are one of the most poisonous snakes in the world… the good part is their mouths are so small it is impossible for them to bite you.. just the same…. we made sure to avoid them.  Here is a picture for you of one of these creatures…

Ok… so off to snorkel we went… one eye on the beautiful coral and fish the other looking for well you know…..



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