Duck Island

So after a short water taxi ride we arrived at Duck Island. As I said in my last post, you can walk this island in its entirety by taking a circular stroll around the water’s edge in about 15 minutes and that includes time for stopping to take pictures! Yep…very small indeed.

Here are a few shots as I took a stroll when we first arrived…

The island is a combination of tiny rocks and coral shells with very soft sand in certain areas. Water shoes I would suggest are highly recommended otherwise you may end up with a few tiny scrapes on your feet whether on land or in the water. As you make your way around the island, you will find plants such as this all over the place. Often the only pathway was to step on them as you walked.


You can see in this shot the rocky beach area… recommendation…. take one of the many beach chairs they offer you.


The views of Nouméa were also nice from the island…. Here a water taxi waits, anchored just off the shore of the island.


The shallow waters that surrounded this island oasis were crystal clear and offered some nice snorkelling and views of the underwater world….. but for now I leave you with this… Tomorrow we will travel under the water…



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