Duck Island, New Caledonia

Taking you all back to our journey last spring (It’s crazy to think its been almost a year already), I have not written much about New Caledonia. When we first charted our sailing adventure across the South Pacific I had never heard of the island known as New Caledonia.  A territory of the French, New Caledonia was first discovered by Captain Cook in 1774. He was so struck how this island reminded him of  his father’s home, Scotland,  that he named it New Caledonia. The island taken by the French in 1854 and has been in their control ever since. The island itself is set behind the world’s largest lagoon (24,000 sq. km), a wonderful sight from the shore with its rainbow of blues and greens. The coral reef here measures 8000 sq. km and has over 900 varieties of coral and 15,000 types of marine life (thanks you Wikipedia), four of the seven species of sea turtles call this home.

Of course, the lagoon is one of the main reasons that anyone comes here.  People love to spend their time in or near the water when here.  There is so much to do around the island. We could go wind surfing (they’ve hosted the world championships here), kite surfing, canoeing, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, surf the reef, or paddle an outrigger into the lagoon and just watch the whales pass through. New Caledonia is truly a wonderful secret of the South Pacific. New Caledonia enjoys 212 sunny days a year, so you’d be unlucky to have lots of rain.

We had decided that we would spend an easy day in Nouméa and head over to Duck Island. Duck Island is a little land mass (takes you about 10 minutes to walk the entire circumference of the island) that offers some relaxing time at the beach, some snorkelling and other water adventures plus it has a little snack bar to get some drinks or food.

Duck Island is located just off the shore of Anse Vata Bay, and a short water taxi will have you on the island within a matter of minutes.


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