Our Lucy….. A Good Dog Never Dies

Today we had to say goodbye to our faithful and loyal friend, our pet, our family member Lucy.  Words cannot describe the sadness in our house today.

She was a fabulous pet, you couldn’t ask for better. She came to us when she was 8 weeks old and she never left our side in the almost 8 years we enjoyed her.  You will often hear people say that a dog is lucky to have a home but I think we were the lucky ones to have her.  No matter how long you would step out the door, her greeting was the same..so happy to see you coming back….tail wagging, sometimes prancing. Our walks on those summer evenings, the squirrels and rabbits who no doubt had nightmares of her chasing them all over as if in a hunt. She would never catch them but she loved to chase them just the same… She was a good dog.. the best… she will be dearly missed.. Tonight the house seems empty but I am sure she is somehow still here… I happened upon this quote today by chance and I just felt that it was fitting…

“There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.”

-George Santayana

The interval was full of fun and great memories… Goodnight Sweet Lucy!




7 thoughts on “Our Lucy….. A Good Dog Never Dies

  1. I feel for you both. I know exactly how heartbroken you must be as we lost our beloved Bramble only 18 months ago and I couldn’t stop crying for days. You’ve written a beautiful tribute for Lucy and I am sure she’s watching over your and wagging her tail still from heaven. All my love. ❤

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