Ok Winter…enough already…you win!

As I sit watching some football and looking out toward the window, all I can see is white. It’s the colour of  ground. It’s in the air, the trees and bushes are all looking the same. When I turn the channel to the weather network, I am told that the forecast remains the same. Cold, snow, more cold and still more snow. Winter in these parts is never a party (unless you really like the white stuff) but this season it just seems to be never-ending. Since the start of December we have experienced some sort of daily snowfall, a major ice storm, bitter cold temperatures that at some points reached -49 Celsius with the wind-chill and of course more snow. Today, it’s snowing yet again and an arctic front is heading our way and by mid-week they (those weather people) are saying we could be back to a few days with -20 to -30 temps again. I have had it! Mother nature you win!

So, to celebrate your victory we are getting outta here in a week. Soon the sounds of the Caribbean with its steel drums will have my  hands forgetting about grabbing a shovel and instead reaching for some rum punch. This time next week we will be feeling the warmth of the sun as we sail to Turks and Caicos, San Juan, St. Marteen and St. Thomas.

Yep… only a few more days and I will have my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand (thank you Zak Brown) and winter will be behind me for a bit anyway. Today, I offer you another beach I was recently on. In New Caledonia, not too long ago we found ourselves strolling along this little gem, with its soft sand and warm waters of the South Pacific.



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