Bondi Beach

Well, I am not sure where you all live in this great big world but here in Canada it has been bitterly cold the last few days. In the city I live in, we have experienced over the last 48 hrs. blizzard conditions, white out conditions on the roads, over 25 cm of snow and to top it all off, temperatures ranging around -42c with the wind-chill. Today, we couldn’t get out of city as all the roads leading in and out were closed down by the Provincial Police as a result of the storm. Ahhh, Stratford, Ontario in the Winter! The positive in all of this its it going to warm up…yep -27c by tonight and tomorrow around -10c…wow… a heat wave is on the way!

So to warm things up a bit, I will take you over the next few days to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. This was the last place we would visit during our vacation down under.

Hope your keeping warm wherever you are…






2 thoughts on “Bondi Beach

  1. Crazy up here too!! Tried to go to work today but turned around and went back home which was a good thing because eventually all roads were closed in the area. Plus the furnace wasn’t working at the office, so I’m glad I didn’t make it. Then tonight we found out that a water pipe broke at my son’s residence in Kitchener, but he was just let back in and nothing is damaged thank goodness – just wet carpet!! They’re still calling for bad weather tonight, so my younger son might have a third day off tomorrow. He’s heartbroken at the thought of course :). I just stayed in and read most of the day – it was awesome!

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