A Happy New Year….Theme

Well can you believe it? An entire year has once again passed us by. Where does the time go…. how did you spend that time as it quickly passed us by never to greet us again? Was it worth while? Was it meaningful? Did you make positive changes or stay status quo? Did you make a difference in someone else’s life?

We ponder many things as we get ready to ring in the new year and we always seem to look for improvements as we sense a new beginning. I guess perhaps that’s just human nature. I have been blessed in many ways, but there is always room for improvement.  Just ask Vanda, I am sure she has a clear list of the improvements needed from me. So what to do? I have read that less than 8% of people actually succeed in fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions.  So should we even bother? The odds are certainly against us it would seem.  So…. what do you think?

I have thought a lot about this lately and as I thought about it I realized that I probably fit into the 92% as listed above who fail to meet their New Year’s resolutions. So with that in mind,  I am going take a different approach this year. I am not going to make any. Instead, I am going set some overall themes for myself.

You see, I am a huge believer that we should never just be satisfied with where we are in this lot called life. We should always try to find change that not only can benefits ourselves but also those we impact each day.  Selfless change I suppose. After all, regardless of where you live or what you do, we are all a part of a community. For some, that community may only involve a handful of people or it may involve a larger group of people but regardless, each day we all impact others in one way or another. So what am I trying to say here (your probably wishing I was doing Wordless Wednesday right about now)? Rather than make some resolutions I plan to choose some themes instead, then build on those themes through my everyday. I am leaning towards the theme of re-commitment to certain things in my life. Health, fitness and habits.  Within that, I plan to take care of my spiritual well-being, not in a religious kind of way, but in a way that keeps me grounded and allows me to stay mentally focussed on the tasks that come before me both in my professional and personal life. Along that road, this will mean choosing my words wisely, creating my own realities and using my creativity to bring successes. Remember, the quality of our thoughts create the quality of our journey, don’t let your thoughts or the negativity of others block and defeat our reality.

It will also mean to stop complaining (we all do it) and embrace the things that challenge me, the things that seem hard. Lastly, keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak… think into the future when making a decision, how will the choice I am about to make impact those that are around me. Those within my community wherever that may be.  With that, you have my theme for 2014…. Stay tuned I let ya know how it goes!

Ok enough said…. just a simple shot today, a selfie if ya will and Happy New Year from us to you!



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