Back to Australia

The beauty of a blog is that I can take you anywhere, anytime for as long as I want. For example, a week ago we were spending some time in Australia and then we headed over to Greece and the Island of Santorini. I do hope you enjoyed some of my shots from in and around Santorini. I do have many more but we will save those for another day. They say that you have never truly witnessed a sunset until you have seen one in Santorini and lets be clear, if you stick with my blog eventually you will get to see one!

Ok, enough of the tease. Now I will take you back to the Gold Coast of Australia and if you recall we were last visiting Surfers Paradise. What a great resort area this is with fabulous beaches and of course some pretty big waves. Although there were plenty of surfers in the water, there were also those enjoying the fun of the beach and waves crashing into the shore.

Hope you all had a great Monday and all the best for the week.






6 thoughts on “Back to Australia

  1. How I wish I was on a warm and sunny beach. Much prefer it to the cold we have outside.
    (As an aside, so funny to be looking at beach pictures with “snow” falling across the blog 🙂 )

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