Hey folks, hope everyone has been well. I was a bit tardy with my post’s last week. In fact, I didn’t post at all.  I was away last week on business and well sometimes when life gets in your way you just don’t have time to post anything. The weekend then arrived and well my Saturday was extremely busy watching college football. When Sunday arrived there was still no time to post because it was Grey Cup Sunday here in Canada and as tradition would have it, I would be host to our annual Grey Cup party.  So we have now arrived at Monday and well I am back!

Over the last few weeks or shall I say months I have taken you along with me on our trip to Australia. We are not yet finished the trip either. However, I thought maybe I would put the trip on hold for a week or so and take you somewhere else. The weather is frightful here in sunny southwestern Ontario. We had our first real blast of snow this past weekend and more is expected. Of course, you all remember I hate the winter so when the weather turns to the winter cold which we are burdened with here in Canada, I like to think of those places I have been where the weather is warm, the sky is a bright blue and the greenery abounds. On that note, this week, or at least for the next few days, I thought I would share some shots I took when we visited Santorini, Greece a couple of years back. It is a beautiful place offering some wonderful views from its cities, built atop a volcanic paradise.

I walked the streets of Santorini admiring all they had to offer both new and old. This shot in particular, struck me as I pondered the history and stories the walls would be able to tell of the families that once called this site home. No longer hosting a family the growth of time slowly takes possession.  I am not a big fan of HDR photography because to me it just doesn’t look real, but that’s just me. I still on occasion will experiment with it, like I did with this shot.




2 thoughts on “Santorini…..

  1. You are right, sometimes HDR is overdone. But every once in awhile it works out perfect. Great pic! If you want to warm up, come on down to sunny Florida – still t-shirt weather here.

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