A Selfie… kinda

Photography is a passion that I have. In almost every situation or circumstance, my camera is almost always present. Whether its from my phone or my trusty Nikon and now my iPad a snapshot is always possible. However,  one problem we as photographers tend to have is that we seldom end up in the photographs. While we vacation, or attend some family event we are often so busy snapping shots we forget or just simply never get on the other end of the camera. Our lens is always pointed toward something or someone else. I am sure you know what I mean.

When Vanda and I embarked on our tour of Australia, French Polynesia and back to Hawaii, I said to my lovely lady that I have to make sure, that this time, I actually get into some of the pictures. After all, memories are more than just the scene alone.

When we arrived in Surfers Paradise, we began our stroll along the beach. The scenes were fabulous. The waves were crashing, the surfers were plenty and of course the beach activity was plentiful. With my camera in hand, I started my search for the shots that would make me happy. The ones I could share on here, maybe even sell (yes I do sell some of these) and simply capture some of the culture/scenery that makes this great resort area, Surfers Paradise exactly that, a paradise.

Of course, we love to capture those candid moments, not only of family but those unsuspecting tourists simply enjoying a day at the beach. I had taken my share of pictures of Vanda and the friends we were travelling with but had very few that included me…or so I thought. As I strolled along the beach, little did I know Vanda was snapping away on one of the other cameras we have and caught this unsuspecting tourist checking things out as he made his way along the beach. Yep… That would be me, unsuspecting, looking like a tourist and ever so candid. A great capture me thinks she caught. She even knew to get the rule of thirds correct….

Have a great weekend all,


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