Discovering Instagram

Just a bit of a switch away from our journey in Australia today. I have discovered this new (well new to me) social network app known as Instagram, and I love it! My only regret is that I can only use it with my iPad as blackberry won’t work with it. No wonder they are being left behind.

Now once you can get past all the people who love to post ‘selfie’s’ of themselves, you can actually find some great photography on Instagram. I find myself drawn toward those who post pics of surfers, beaches and of course Hawaii. My user name on Instagram is ‘sayvan13’. I am short on followers but ever so slowly they are finding me. If you look at the side of my page on WordPress you can see some of my posts on Instagram.

So why the sudden post of fascination with Instagram? Well, yesterday I posted a shot from Waikiki of a famous statue you will find near the entrance to the beach. No big deal right? Well, then I received a request from @margaritaville #margaritaville asking permission to use my shot on all their social networks…… Now you know the rest of the story! Made me happy!



4 thoughts on “Discovering Instagram

    1. You are able to connect your blog to show what you have posted on Instagram but not able to link it to your Instagram page from what I can figure out so far.

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