It’s another Sunday…. Reflection

Well yet another week has come and gone and now the next has begun. My my, the time soars by faster and faster the older we get. I can remember when I was a kid and time just seemed to stand still… the summer break from school was like a year all by itself. A weekend seemed to last forever. Well that was then and this, of course, is now.

It’s another dreary and damp day in this wonderland known as Stratford.  I have tried and tried to get the last bit of patio furniture into the shed for the winter, but its been so damp and wet lately and I hate to put it away wet, that I’ve not been able to yet. So we wait…. wait for the sunshine to spring out long enough to dry things off… however, with my luck that will happen when I am in the office working and not home. Eventually I suppose I will get it away…. eventually and hopefully before its time to put it all back out… I mean after all, time sure does rush by!

On the bright side, as a result of this indoors only weather, I have been able to sit down and start to organize an enormous library of digital photographs.

Well enough of my rambling about pretty much nothing… here is your shot for today… as I recall and reflect on the warmth of Australia which seems only recent but is now almost 7 months past… wow…







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