A Fall Session

I have to admit I am a summer person (if you follow me on a regular basis you know that). In short, I dread the next 4-5 months. In fact, today it`s snowing like crazy outside my window and its dreary and blah. I really belong in a warmer climate. Oh well the sacrifices one has to make to live in a country with changing seasons.

Despite, my dislike for the cooler, crisper weather I will admit that the fall does offer some beautiful scenes to the eye. The colours that nature paints on its canvas we call our world can be breathtaking at times. A couple of weekends back,  I had the opportunity to shoot a portrait session with our son and his girlfriend who really is more than just a girlfriend to our family.  Josh and Mel live a few hours away from us and were home for Thanksgiving. We had talked about doing a session since the summer and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Our home backs onto a ravine we like to refer to as the `100 Acre Wood`. The perfect backdrop for our photo shoot.

So Vanda and I got some of the equipment together (Camera, two lenses, reflector and Speedlight with soft box) and journeyed off with Mel, Josh and Elvis, their dog into our colourful wonderland. Here are just a few shots from the day.

Hope everyone is having a great day wherever you may be in this big wide world!


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