The Great Barrier Reef – Part 2

Well if you can’t tell by today’s title, I have a few days of pictures to share with you from our stop in Airlie Beach, Queensland and our journey to the outer Great Barrier Reef. I managed to get quite a few shots on our trip to the reef. In fact, we spent 2 hours in a boat (if you like boats click on the word) heading out to the Great Barrier Reef and of course two hours back to Airlie Beach. It was a journey for sure.  Of course the problem I have for these posts is what to share… I took so many shots as we sailed out to the reef and I took so many shots once at the reef, both above and below the water surface. With all of that, I am having a hard time deciding what to share. I probably need to sit down and pull together of series of shots…. this is also making me realize that I really need to sit down and organize thousands of photos on my hard drive…. anyway… I will give you a little tease….

Another shot as we approached the reef and the second shot is well….. Welcome to the under water world of the Great Barrier Reef!





One thought on “The Great Barrier Reef – Part 2

  1. Beautiful shots! One of my favorite views of the reef was from the airplane on the way to Cairns. From there we drove up to Port Douglas for our trip out to the reef. Don’t worry about organizing all those pictures. After awhile you realize it will never happen. Just pull out the best ones and put them in a special file. I just keep buying my portable drives and line them up like books on the office shelf. Enjoying your pictures very much!

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