Willis Island

Located just beyond the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea, is a very small island that is 500 metres long and 150 metres wide. This Island is known as Willis Island. In total it is about 19 acres and rises to about 30 ft. above sea level…. not that high really. On the Island you will find one building and usually 3 people who monitor the weather station. The Weather station has been around since 1921 and the three occupants are totally isolated from the outside world while they monitor the stations high-tech early warning weather equipment. Its purpose is to give early cyclone and major storm warnings to coastline of Queensland.  Although the human population is scarce on this island, the bird population is enormous with more than 1000 birds at any one time.

So why did we stop at this little Island? In order to buy duty-free items of course! That’s right, to be eligible for duty-free items the cruise ship we were on had to stop for at least a half hour outside the Australian limits.  So… we circled the island for a bit and then dropped anchor for around 45 minutes before continuing our journey toward Airlie Beach.



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