Mushroom Storm Cloud or Silver Lining filled with Hope

I don’t usually post on a Saturday. Well, I have in the past but I try to avoid the laptop on a the weekend especially when the summer weather is around. However, today I woke up, went for a run, did my “Insanity” work out (if you have never tried this program I suggest you do. It really is the hardest and best workout I have ever done) and did I mention that all if this was in the rain! Yep, it started to rain last night around 7:30ish and it hasn’t stopped since. Oh, I had big plans for today as well. Cut the grass, start to get the yard ready for winter and of course maybe get nine holes of golf in before setting up for some college football and a little tailgating in the driveway…. damn this blasted weather! So here we are at plan “B”

What is Plan B? It certainly won’t involve cutting the grass or starting to fill the shed with the deck furniture and of course golf is out of the question. So Plan ‘B’ will involve some down time. It will also involve some College football, only the tailgate party will be moved indoors (GO BLUE!)… I have wanted to work on some of my lighting techniques with the photography so perhaps a bit of time on that would be in order…. who knows really…. just another one of those curve balls that life throws your way… my motto… observe, analyze, react and make it happen.

Yesterday, I wrote of some not so good news we received in the afternoon. Now that the dust has settled a bit, its time to stand up, be strong and frankly kick the shit out of this thing! I spoke of how much I enjoy being out in a boat on the water and the feeling of calm and hope you can feel from it. As I was deciding what to post today, I came across a shot I took while on the water. It’s of an approaching storm. It struck me or rather reminded me at  first of an atomic bomb with that mushroom cloud look as the bomb devastates the area were it exploded. Then however, I saw something else in this shot. I saw storm clouds on the horizon and the peril and worry that a storm can bring. That wasn’t all I saw though. What I also took from this particular shot is that all around the storm cloud you see something else, you see hope in the imagery of the blue sky that surrounds this cloud. In fact, the blue sky is in front, behind and all around the cloud.  We all have heard the phrase “behind every storm cloud there is a silver lining”. With the news we had yesterday, and the storm cloud our family will face over the next few weeks and months, that blue sky is our silver lining. The rains may come and the clouds may bring grey and darkness but behind them shines the brightest sun and most beautiful blue sky and at the end of the day the clouds pass and we are left with a bright blue sky….that always returns… behind every cloud is hope!

Have a great weekend folks and as always thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day and life to read a bit about mine.


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