Sail Away

Life is full of struggles, its full of surprises both good and bad. It’s easy to dwell on the not so good when life hands you a pile concern. If you follow or have paid any attention to my blog you will know that I love my photography and I love the sea.  Both represent places where I like to go to forget about some of those things in life that just seem to get in the way as they try to bog you down with worry and trouble. If you have ever been out on the open water, watching the world simply floating by you will know what I mean. I love to just stand by the rail and watch the ocean. It really does give you a feeling of insignificance as you stare at the vastness (is that a word) that seems to go on forever. Yet, you also get a feeling of purpose as you stare out toward the horizon knowing that eventually, as you sail into the distance you will find a new place, a new beginning, a fresh beginning.

Today is one of those days that many in our family may just feel the need and want to sail away. We received some news that no person, especially a parent wants to hear. Our Niece has three beautiful children ages 7, 5 and 4. Today, her 7-year-old son, our great-nephew was diagnosed with leukemia…. The prognosis seems good from what we know now but just the same…. I would like to just sail away…  if you feel like it, its ok to like this post. After all,  this a photography blog. Today’s picture kind of describes what we are feeling…. sailing away, with some grey and mist around us…only this time we try to understand the purpose of this journey. However we do know that somewhere in this journey we will reach our destination and our victory.



9 thoughts on “Sail Away

  1. So sorry to hear about your great-nephew, but you have to focus on the fact that the prognosis is good and stay positive!! I do totally understand what you mean about “sailing away” though. Having grown up in a sailing family, I know there is nothing more peaceful and calming than the wind in your sails and the sound of the water rushing past the hull of the boat. There’s no better place to think and put everything going on in your life into perspective.

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