The Light

I am not that good at thinking up titles for my posts. I actually struggle with it. Today I choose the light as my title…. wow so creative I am.

So here is the story… I was sitting in my car down by the river with my camera waiting for the right moment to come along. While I waited, a couple, probably in their early to mid thirties came strolling by. I watched them at first in the distance as they approached where I had the camera pointed. The sun was starting to set and the glimmer of light was reflecting on the water as the river slowly flowed. As they approached, I wondered about changing my settings to snap a silhouette as they walked by. However, then I noticed the way the sun was reflecting through the tops of the trees as they leaned toward each other. It seemed to bond the two trees together as one, much the same way this couple from Stratford were walking down the pathway hand in hand. It reminded me of a wedding ceremony where the couple take a candle each and join them together with the light of a third candle, in this case the sun. I had my moment, I had my story.  I quickly zeroed in and took a reading of the sun on the tree tops, refocused and just as  this couple were about to be bonded by the light snapped today’s picture.

They say that every picture tells a story. I think this one has a lot to say… now if only the picture could tell a “Title”



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