Red Peak Station – Rainforest Cableway

Returning to our tour in the Australian Rainforest after leaving the Barron Falls station we travelled further into the thick forest until we arrived at our second stop, Red Peak Station.

Red Peak Station provided an opportunity to get out of the gondola and walk along the 175 metre boardwalk through this World Heritage forest.

This happy tourist was one ready girl to go exploring on the forest floor!


The size of the tree trunks and the sky so far above through the tree canopy was an amazing site.


The temperature was in the upper 80’s on this day yet on the forest floor the thick vegetation kept everyone nice and cool.


We were told to always keep an eye out for the creepy crawlers on the forest floor or hanging on the trees…. this particular native of the forest was about the size of an adults hand……


Cheers all,


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