Barron Falls Station

Our first stop along the high wire ride was at the Barron Falls Station. As you no doubt noticed in my last post, as you approached the station you begin to see some great views of the Barron Gorge lined with deep vegetation. Once you arrive at the station you are free to get out and explore around, take a tour or simply walk to the three lookout platforms. The falls are at their peak during the wet season which is December through March.  However, we arrived on March 30th and from what you can see the water flow was not that strong.  Organized tours are about 40 minutes at this station.


The falls on this day broke into three distinctive sections.


This shot demonstrates just how deep the gorge is and how we were above the rainforest floor.


Some more shots of the Barron Falls.




And of course some of the vegetation in the area.




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