Sit back and enjoy the view – Kuranda Sky Rail – Part #2

I hope you all had a great weekend…. while you were out enjoying yourselves we continued our journey through the Australian Rainforest or rather over the Australian Rainforest.  We had just left the Kuranda Station heading toward our first stop the Barron Falls Station.  As I said in my last post, the views were spectacular as we climbed the high wire above the forest.


The views along the Barron River seemed to go on forever.


We were in awe as we flew with the birds high above the tops of this tropical paradise!


It didn’t matter what direction you looked in…. the views went on and on….


The view straight down…..


We could only imagine how tall the palm trees below really were….


It was also fun to watch the other people pass us by….


In the distance you can see our first stop in the rain forest…..


The views continued to amaze us…


Our next stop was fast approaching, once we arrived at this station we would be off to do some rainforest exploration.


Next stop the Barron Falls….



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