Soaring above the Rainforest…

One of the most popular attractions in Cairns is the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. It truly is an amazing experience that takes you deep into the forest and provides some spectacular views. Gliding, at times just metres above the rainforest canopy, you comfortably sit in your own gondola that will seat up to 6. We managed to get into a gondola with four, Vanda and myself and two of our friends who you will no doubt meet as you continue to follow my journey through Australia.

The Skyrail takes you over 7.5 kms or just over 4.5 miles. The trip takes about 90 minutes from top to bottom but with stops at two stations in the heart of the rainforest you can easily spend a full day exploring and riding the rail.  Get ready for some great views over the next few days as I take you along on a journey above and below the Rainforest canopy of Australia!





6 thoughts on “Soaring above the Rainforest…

  1. We did the same thing – it was spectacular! I remember being amazed at seeing cockatoos flying under us over the rainforest. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

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