Yorkey’s Knob, Australia

We were excited and ready to see some land and get off to exploring this vast country down under (when Aussies refer to us in North America do they say “up over”?). We would arrive at Yorkey’s Knob around 10 am. Solstice of course was much too big to dock in this area so we would have to tender into land.  As we cruised toward the harbour, the view was spectacular.


Another view looking down the deck of the ship.


We had planned an exciting day today. The weather was around 31C and as you can see above, the cloud cover was scattered nicely. As I said earlier , we would be taking a tender into port today. Our tender was the ships life boats (the only time you want to be in one of those is during a tender).


The tender would take us about 20-30 minutes. Once on shore, we would wait for our tour group to get organized and then we would be off to visit the area known as Kuranda for a fabulous trek into the Australian Rainforest and ride on the Sky rail.

Here are some shots as we board and head into shore on our tender.




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