Sea Days…. so much to do or not…

One of the most enjoyable times on a cruise is the sea days. When we look to book a cruise vacation we always try to make sure that the selection we make is not only filled with ports but also allows for a few sea days. When we left Sydney, it would take us two full days at sea to get to Cairns.  Two days of nothing but food, entertainment, games, swimming, relaxation and of course frosty drinks. The point I am trying to make here is that during a sea day you have so many options both inside and outside. Well to help illustrate this, here are some shots taken on one of our sea days….

Relax and chat with some new friends…..
Play in the water spouts and cool off from the hot sun...
Play in the water spouts and cool off from the hot sun… while listening to the Solstice Party band!


Swim in one of the many pools….
Who can resist some relaxation in the hot tub?
or maybe grab some quiet time with a good book…
of course a stroll to the nearest bar is always in order….
The pool deck….
A water volleyball challenge is always fun against the ships senior officers (wait who is driving this boat?)

and of course we haven’t even begun to talk about some of the indoor activities…. yep a sea day is a great way to watch the world sail by …..



9 thoughts on “Sea Days…. so much to do or not…

    1. We have done about 14 cruises and love them. There is nothing sweeter than waking up the next day in a completely different country or city without having to change rooms! We did a 20 day Mediterranean cruise a few years ago and it was fab!

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