Goat Island, Sydney – Part 2

Continuing our tour of Goat Island we then proceeded to walk around the Island with different stops along the way. The convict enclosure area of the Island was surrounded by a wall as you can see below. The wall was built and quarried by the convicts from the sandstone found on the island.



In fact, all the buildings on the island we were told were built by the convicts.  Below are the soldiers or guards barracks.


One of the most interesting stories of the day was that of a convict by the name of Charles ‘Bony” Anderson. Anderson was said to be a violent convict who refused to follow any directions or orders of the guards or warden of the Island. Anderson would often fight with fellow inmates and attack the guards as well. Anderson became a convict at the age of 18. After he made several attempts to escape he was sentenced to 1200 lashes in 1835. Our guide explained to us that a person could only receive 20 lashes a day at the most or they would most likely die if they received more. To make sure that Anderson survived, his sentence was then carried out over 60 days where Anderson would receive 10 lashes in the morning and 10 lashes at night. This still did not break his spirit and he is said to have become more defiant. In 1838, he was then sentenced to be tied to a sandstone rock for two years away from all the other convicts. His food was placed on the end of a pole which was then handed to him each day. During his time chained to this rock Anderson carved a bench into the sandstone rock so he had a place to lay down. This is Anderson’s Rock.


You can see how comfortable this must have been as I sit on the bench he carved into the stone (thanks to a fellow tourist for snapping the shot) . Although, I am sure Anderson wasn’t smiling as I am.


More of the rock



Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks…. still more to come later from Goat Island.


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